Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Internet Versions: 5 Steps to Nirvana.

Somebody just asked me to describe what ‘Internet 2.0’ (Internet Two Point O) means/is?

Internet version 1.0 was the original slow, unreliable and basic 15k bps version, which took ages to down load a simple text file.

Internet version 2.0 is the 1 to 10Meg (ish) bps system most have now, that down loads 30 second video clips in a few seconds. Augmented with applications that make it easy for people to come together, share images, ideas, video link and more (you know this of course).

But this is only the beginning.

Internet version 3.0 (c.2012+) will be an always-on, always connected form, that can download multiple high-definition full-length feature films in real-time.

Internet version 4.0 (c.2018+) will be always-on, always connected 3D high definition immersive environments, where users engage in virtual augmented realities with other users at their leisure.

Internet version 5.0 (c.2025) will be always-on, always-in direct nervous system injection of real-time augmented realities. Most people will want to live in a Matrix kind of world, because of the increased magnitude of fun, intrigue, discovery, companionship, freedom, easy-of-life, and clean and safe ambience.

Many will reject, scoff, and even attempt to stop V5.0.


People with chronic debilitating illnesses or crippling disabilities will think they've risen to Nirvana.

The blind will see not just reality in all its beauty, but hyperreailty in all it unknown mystery.

The profoundly deaf will hear not mere dampened hissy dins, but virgin clear blasts of vibrant ecstasy.

Wheelchair bound paraplegics on oxygen respirators will fly over Manhattan and the Himalayas, walk on the Moon; and if they so choose, walk down the local High Street with their partner.

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