Monday, 16 July 2007

Making the impossible, possible!

By Kim S Cameron.

The most contaminated nuclear plant in the USA, Rocky Flats was an environmental disaster and the site of rampant worker unrest. Although it was estimated that it would take 70 years and $36 billion to clean up and close the facility, something stunning happened.

Now on its way to becoming a wildlife refuge, the project is running 60 years ahead of schedule and $30 billion under budget.

In Making the Impossible Possible, Kim Cameron explains how this remarkable performance was achieved — and how it can be replicated. Using numerous first-hand accounts and public records, Cameron draws a number of leadership guidelines that can be applied to any business.

This fascinating and thoroughly researched case study concludes by revealing the ten leadership principles responsible for the Rocky Flats turnaround — and in doing so, provides a means for other organizations to harness the lessons of this astonishing success.

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