Sunday, 22 July 2007

The Late Youth Boom.

Look at Mick Jagger and Tom Jones! Look at Raquel Welch and Jone Collins! Something’s going on! 60 (for many) is the new 40s! The over 60s are growing massively in terms of population, wealth and longevity.

More 60 years young hit the golf course than any other age. The buying power (capital and spare cash) of the over 60s is almost 3 times that of the 30 somethings in the UK. The dominate market in the USA is the mature market.

Between now and 2012 the 18-44 age group will decline by 1%. 55+ will increase by 21%. 55-64 will increase by 47%.

The mean natural mortality rate age in the developed west for males is 76, and 78 for females. Only, the overall stat is skewed, as nearly 30% now make into their 90s. For the first time in human history the are more over 60s than under 16s.

Implications?: Design and market for youthful 60+ year olds with bad backs (et al). Rolling Stones concerts 2010, even 2020! Yes, even more golf courses.

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