Wednesday, 25 July 2007

An Age of Continuous Discontinuity.

Charles Handy the Author, Businessman and Philosopher said back in the 1980s that we are entering ‘The Age of Discontinuity.’

He meant that both technological and social changes will be so uncompromising and dramatic that competitive contexts and the pace at which we have to learn and adjust to will be a wrenching experience.

The evidence since the 80s is plan to see. The Internet is radically changing every kind of media: TV, Radio, Advertising, Music, Retail, Purchasing, Cost Centres, Disintermediation, etc, etc.

Hyperinnovation is transforming what we consider the car, the bank account, energy supply, the telephone, the camera, food stuff, and even high finance to be.

But I think Handy didn’t go far enough. Because what’s around the corner lies what I call The Age of Continuous Discontinuity.

There are dozens of life changing technologies now in the lab, ready for commercialisation.

1. Nanofacturing will allow you to print out domestic products in the comfort of your own home.

2. Hydrogen Fuelcells at a price point we can all afford.

3. Super efficient and cheap solar panels that will supply of you domestic energy needs.

4. Skycars and Skyways are not on the drawing board, but functional prototypes have been in test for years.

5. Dozens of different designs of domestic humanoid robots exists designed to help the infirm, elderly, and do the washing up.

6. Immersive high definition virtual reality and telepresence will enable you to visit far of places, again in the comfort of your own home.

7. Strong Artificial Intelligence that will one day soon surpass human intelligence, giving us the capability to explore ideas, science and technology that will have no conception of at present.

All of these technologies and the associated sociological ramifications will be here before 2025. Are you ready for The Age of Continuous Discontinuity?

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