Saturday, 9 June 2007

The Next Competitive Advantage: ‘Radical Belief!’

Your competitors are more than likely NOT to believe the radical breakthroughs in technological innovation I talk about. Especially the ones that will be here within 20 years.

Here’s a bunch:

Radical life extension technologies that rewire the human body’s metabolism will enable the average 50 year old today (2007) to have the physic and mental stamina of a 35 year old (of today) within 20 years.

The average individual will print-out/synthesize many kinds of consumer gadgets in the comfort of their own home. That’s mobile phones, TV remote controls, motor bike spare parts, and a new out fit for a Saturday night out: tie, shirt, jacket, kilt, sporran, jockstrap and shinny boots.

Most families will be putting their name down for a second Skycar. It will be customisable, most parts will also be instantly produced at home.

Domestic robots will go on strike, as a result of their civil liberties being undermined. The word ‘Slave’ rears its ugly head again. ‘Oh dear’ we shout, as our gardens, houses and washing-up piles up.


But that’s the point. Most of your competitors don’t or wont either!

So it comes down to belief - ‘RADICAL BELIEF.’

If you are ready to both embrace and make these radical ideas work (and zillions of others) then you have one hell of a competitive advantage.

Q.E.D: Radical Belief is the new form of competitive advantage.

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