Thursday, 7 June 2007

‘The Origins of Hyper.’

The original ancient Greek definition of Hyper is a prefix meaning ‘above and beyond.’ However, things have evolved (above and beyond). In physics it can now stand for many (multiple) dimensions. The Internet has also moved the idea on, meaning many interconnections. Some examples:

Hypercube is a cube with more than three planar. It’s possible to catch a glimpse of a hypercube’s geometry in a computer simulation showing its four-dimensional rotating shadow. The shadow is 3D - weird!.

Hyperinnovation in the business context means the multidimensional interconnection and successful introduction of novel ideas (my definition).

Hyperlearning refers not merely to the extraordinary speed, scope and magnitude of learning, but the unprecedented degree of interconnectivity across minds, knowledge, media, experience and technology (you are engaged in n-learning right now!).

Hyperlink is a reference/navigation element in HTML documents that takes the user to another section in the document, or another document on the WWW.

Hyperspace is ten-dimensional space-time based on superstring theory.

Hypertext overcomes some of the limitations of written text, making possible a dynamic organization of information through multiple links and multiple interconnections via hyperlinks.

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